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I’m Jono Croxford, a melbourne-based graphic designer and creative artist who offers a professional, affordable and reliable design service customized to the needs of small and large organizations. I believe that proper design is not just about getting the job done, or making things look pretty; it’s about communication.

Creative ideas

Friendly Service

Professional Design

Creative graphic services

What can I offer you, today?

Jono Croxford Design Communication is a one-man creative outfit, adaptable to suit the needs of any client. Offering a wide range of print and digital graphic solutions, yours truly is able to create pretty much anything in two dimensions, whether moving or still.

Logos and more!

Sometimes it’s just a logo, but other times its a full branding campaign where business cards are just the beginning. Either way, I’ve got it under control!


Get the message?

I’m always keen to get stuck into designing anything from product catalogues to elaborate graphs for end user functionality with stylish aesthetics.


Not just ads...

Whether its a flier, poster or even a full book, I offer professional design in advertising, publication and POS applications.


Say Cheese!

I’m trained in both photography and illustration, and I offer these services either alone or to complement any design.


My professional standards

What makes me different?


Communicating the right message should always go hand in hand with design creativity. My designs are more than just ‘pretty pictures’.


Need something quicker, easier or cheaper? I’m able to adjust scope, pricing, meetings and hours to suit the client’s needs.

Open Process

Nothing is kept hidden throughout the process. It’s simple: contact, quote, design, adjust, supply. Clients are always kept in the loop.

Professional Quality

A high level of design quality is maintained throughout, no matter what job. My designs are unbiased, and are audience-focussed.

Client Owned

Contrary to some designers’ common practice, once my designs are supplied and paid for, they are 100% the property of the client.

Low Cost

Because I’m operating as a sole trader, you won’t pay for any agency overheads, so my prices are much lower than the quality you get!

What people say?

Jono was amazing in setting me up with my stationary when I started my new business. I was so happy with the result and he was very reasonably priced. Jono was professional and timely and I have no hesitations in recommending him and his talents to all my colleagues.

Jackie Sikic, KidLink

What people say?

Jono has been the perfect artist and designer to work with. Jono was both on the ball and went above and beyond artistically and professionally for the product we desired. Jono will always be Calamity Lane's first port of call when we need a designer who can capture our high energy vision.

Tom-McCann, Calamity Lane

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